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Laura Gonzalez (Recipient), 17 Jun 201922 Jun 2019

From the 17 to the 22 June 2019, I was at a residency in The Work Room, Glasgow, developing a new piece, Afterwardness.

This is the third piece in my Freud series, which includes Don't Say Anything and Ida. It is based in the case history of The Wolfman, which Freud published as From the History of an Infantile Neurosis (1918 [1914]) in SE17.

I started each of the 6 days of the residency with a yoga practice, and then worked on movement scores, voice work telling the Wolfman's dream and re-doing both of the Wolfman's paintings housed at the Freud Museum in London.

The work explores the concept of Nachträglichkeit, après-coup, deferred action or afterwardness where impressions, experiences or memory traces gain significance as a result of re-experiencing an event (this is the definition from Sharon Kivland's wonderful book Afterwards).

The work is, like my other Freud pieces, an intimate performance, for 5 people at a time. I worked with my intersemiotic translation method of gHosting, hosting the ghost of Sergei Pankejeff, The Wolfman.

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NameThe Work Room