Hosting a ghost

Engagement activity: External performance, talk or presentationTalk for a mainly academic audience (e.g. at an academic conference)

Laura Gonzalez (Invited speaker), 15 May 2019

Georges Didi-Huberman writes about how, in the nineteenth century, hysterics and doctors at the Salpêtrière hospital in Paris were linked in a performance of “psychiatric theatricality,” starting with a “Coup de Théâtre,” a sudden loss of consciousness. I have developed a devising method I call “gHosting,” hosting a ghost. I find hysterics—Augustine, Emmy von N., Dora—between the written and traced lines of historical medical material. The hysterics inhabit my body and, in this new location, they find voice to encounter individual members of the audience in a one-to-one durational performance.


TitleGlasgow Medical Humanities Network Symposium
LocationUniversity of Glasgow
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom