Warmed Air Exchange Talk

Engagement activity: External performance, talk or presentationTalk for a mainly non-academic audience (e.g. for the general public, community or industry)

Laura Gonzalez (Invited speaker),

Steven Anderson (Invited speaker),

Laura Bradshaw (Invited speaker), 19 Nov 2018

Warmed Air

Steven Anderson, Laura Bradshaw, Laura González and Paul Michael Henry

Monday 19th November 6pm, Fyfe Lecture Theatre

Warmed Air was a site-specific performance for the historic lecture theatre and museum of the Anatomy Department at Edinburgh University that was supported by an Athenaeum research award.

The work explored varying levels of perceiving and experiencing the body from the tangible sensations of our own body and the memories that form the stories of our bodies, to the relationships our bodies have with those of others both alive and dead. Installation, choreography and spoken word were created in response to the history, form and display of the specimens contained in the anatomy museum as well as the museum itself.

The project was an interdisciplinary collaboration between Steven Anderson, Laura Bradshaw, John Clark, Laura Gonzalez, Paul Michael Henry and Ruth Pollitt in consultation with the Anatomical Museum Curator Malcolm McCallum and the Anatomy Professor Tom Gillingwater. The work was a development of a Talbot Rice Gallery commission by Steven Anderson in 2015.

This project extended a working relationship between the artists involved, the anatomy department staff and site into a careful approach to a highly sensitive environment. For each artist the project is a development from previous working themes around the medicalised body. As a group of artists who have worked together through various configurations in performances, festivals and educational contexts, the themes of this project extended mutual interests into a collaborative working process.


TitleExchange Talk
Date19/11/18 → …
LocationRoyal Conservatoire of Scotland
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
Degree of recognitionLocal event