Age-Old is an intergenerational duet performance that I co-created with a 7 year-old girl, Carragh McLavin. Through movement composition, playful interaction with white plastic bags, film projection of the performers outdoors and attempts to ʻbecomeʼ animals, this performance explores adult-child and human-nonhuman relations. In making this work I wanted to better understand and develop an ethics and politics of adult-child artistic collaboration.

Presented in 2013 at Manipulate, Buzzcut, Imagine Ideas Exchange and Platform.

University of Glasgow, Summerhall (Edinburgh), Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, Platform

Summerhall (Edinburgh), University of Glasgow, Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, Buzzcut

Media contributions

TitleAge-Old review, 4 stats, The Scotsman
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Media name/outletThe Scotsman
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CountryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionPerformance review of Age-Old, presented at Summerhall as part of Manipulate and Buzzcut (2013), by theatre critic Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman. The URL and review text is copied below:

Sarah Hopfinger’s Age Old, a delicious 30-minute meditation exploring the differences of perspective between Hopfinger and her little friend and co-performer Chloe, who is seven.
Producer/AuthorJoyce McMillan