Research output: Performances, compositions and other non-textual formsPerformance



Through unique movement composition, playful interaction with white plastic bags, film projection of the performers outdoors, moments of dialogue with each other and the audience and attempts to ʻbecomeʼ animals, this performance asks how we might understand and express our inter-relations and continuities with other human beings and animals.

Age-Old was an intergenerational duet performance that I co-created with a 7 year-old girl, Carragh McLavin. It explored adult-child and human-nonhuman relations. In making this work I wanted to better understand and develop an ethics and politics of adult-child artistic collaboration. How can a young child meaningfully and skilfully contribute to the creative process and performance event? Through the structure of a rehearsed performance piece, I was concerned with how a spontaneous intergenerational dialogue could happen live on stage.


Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished or Performed - 2013