La Position Précaire du Saxhorn Basse dans l’Instrumentarium Moderne

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The euphonium as used in the British-style brass band and the bass saxhorn have a common origin in 'saxhorn basse' of Adolphe Sax. Since the early models of Sax and of makers who copied Sax's instruments the bass saxhorn and the euphonium have undergone limited development. The British-style brass band has in recent times achieved considerable popularity in France, and has been accompanied by the use of modern international styles of instrument rather than traditional French models.
This paper clarifies the confusing terminology surrounding these instruments and addresses the question of whether the French saxhorn basse and the international euphonium have, as some leading French musicians claim, evolved to have separate identities. The paper draws on acoustical techniques to make an assessment of the extent to which the saxhorn basse is now a distinct species, making comparisons with the baritone saxhorn and the French model tuba in 8-ft C.


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Publication statusPublished or Performed - Nov 2022