Radio Automata

Research output: Performances, compositions and other non-textual formsPerformance



A potpourri of automaticity to bear witness to the devolving of radio programmes into pure programming.

A moment of Zen: if the last remaining creative decisions in broadcast radio were entirely automatic, would anyone notice? Despite Hobbes’ contention that we are all machines, there is an uncanny valley in bio mimetics; we are particularly attuned and perturbed by quasi-human displays.Automata eventually fail the Turing test. We will broadcast a brilliant failure, mining the uncanny valley through the medium of radio.

A programme sampling from current radio formats will be created and performed. By algorithm. “Chatbots” chatting about chatbot issues, chart music from computerised charts, poetry by permutation. All of it familiar, yet all faulty.


Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished or Performed - 23 May 2019