Research output: Performances, compositions and other non-textual formsComposition



(electroacoustic music, 2010) first performance in sound festival, Aberdeen 2010; further performances at the Midlands Arts Centre Birmingham (March 2011), at the Soundings festival, Edinburgh (June 2011), at the London Sinfonietta Sonic Explorations event (October 2011); at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (March 2012, diffusion by Jonty Harrison) and in Ohrenhoch, Berlin (April 2012, 2 continuous performances of 8 hours each with the cooperation of the Museum of Natural History Berlin); de Montfort University 2014; CBSO Centre Birmingham 2014. Selected for the International Computer Music Conference (July-August 2011)


Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished or Performed - 2010