Steve Forman


For more than three decades Steve Forman made a significant imprint in American recording and film music, working directly with many established artists and film composers; his discography includes hundreds of pop record projects, underscoring sessions for motion pictures, television shows, commercials, interactive titles, and theatrical events.

In 2003 Forman began a career transition from the recording studios in Los Angeles to focus on the study of composition at the California Institute of the Arts, earning a BFA and an MFA in composition in four years. In September 2008 he joined the research department at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and was awarded a PhD in composition by St. Andrews University in 2011.

His research has led to an expanded understanding of multi-dimensional polyrhythmic systems and high resolution synchronicity, semi-malleable forms, and non-standard instrumentation. In 2009 the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland initiated a choice module, Pulse Relational Rhythm Theory, based on insights emerging from Forman’s research, and more than three decades of professional practice.

Currently that practice includes active participation in Glasgow’s vibrant folk music sessions, compositions of new concert for works in a variety of genres, and lecturing at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.