1808 Beethoven Academie Concert: BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

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RCS Pre- & Interval Performances



Pre-Concert – from 2.30pm


Ludwig van Beethoven

10 National Airs with Variations, Op.107 for flute& piano

            No.2 Air écossais (‘Bonny laddie,highland laddie’)

            No.8 Air écossais (‘O, Mary at thyWindow Be’)

            No.9 Air écossais (‘Oh! thou art thelad of my heart’)

            No.10 Air écossais (‘The HighlandWatch’)


Hanna Vigren Flute

George Todica Piano




First Interval




Six ecossaises WoO83 for piano


George Todica Piano



Scottish Folksongs, Op.108

1.Music love and wine (W.Smyth)                              CD, SS, DH

5.The sweetest lad was Jamie (W.Smyth)                 SS

7.Bonny laddie, highland laddie (J.Hogg)                   JN



Second Interval



Scottish Folksongs, Op.108

9. Behold my love how green thegroves (R.Burns)  JN, CM

11.Oh! thou art the lad of myheart (W.Smith)            BT

14.O how can I be blithe and glad(R.Burns)             SS

18.Enchantress, farewell (W.Scott)                            DH

19. O swiftly glides the bonnyboat (J.Baillie)             CD, SS, DH,JK

20. Faithfu’ Johnie                                                       BT,JK

23. The shepherd’s song (J.Baillie)                            DH

24. Again, my lyre (W.Smyth)                                     CD

13.Come fill, fill, my good fellow(W.Smyth)                DH, JK, BT



            Charlie Drummond (CD), Joanna Norman(JN) Soprano

Svetlina Stoyanova (SS), Beth Taylor (BT) Mezzo-soprano

David Horton (DH)Tenor

Jonathan Kennedy (JK) Baritone

Colin Murray (CM) Bass


Michelle Dierx Violin

Marina Sanchez Cabello Cello

Beth Jerem Piano

RCS Voices

Beethoven Mass in C (Gloria, Sanctus)

Choral Fantasia


Emma Mockett, Martina Starr-Lassen, Poppy Shotts, Eleanor Bundy, Myrna Tennant, Julia Daramy-Williams, Gillian Wells, Emily Norris, Kirsty Hobkirk, Katie Dobson


Harriet Birchall, Inkeri Kallio, Lea Shaw, Eva Macfarlane, Judith LeBreuilly, Ellen Mawhinney, Lynn Bellamy, Scetlina Stoyanova, Alex Dinwiddie


Connor Smith, Ted Black, Liam Bonthrone, Matthew McKinney, David Horton, Arron Sands, Thomas Chenhall, Michael Yeoman


Jonathan Forbes Kennedy, Jack Sandison, Michael Fergusson, William Frost, Colin Murray, Craig Haggart, Christopher Dollins, Jerome Knox


Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished or Performed - 2 Oct 2016