Johannes Ockeghem: Masses and Miodels

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This book is devoted to the Mass cycles of Johannes Ockeghem (c.1425–1497) based on preexisting materials (i.e., all the surviving Mass music apart from the Missae Prolationum and Cuiusvis toni). The source distribution and readings of each work is assessed, including a major evaluation of the Chigi Codex, which contains all of the composer's surviving mass music (barring a single Credo setting). Based on palaeographic and stylistic evidence, the works are grouped in approximate chronological order, with a special focus on the treatment of preexisting musical materials. Principal findings include: a re-evaluation of the Chigi Codex as a principal source for these work; the proposal that some or all of the incomplete cycles (including the Requiem) may have been complete originally and were left incomplete by the scribe in anticipation of the addition of further movements, which did not mate-rialise; a defense of the derivation of the 'Missa My-my' from Ockeghem's virelai 'Presque transi'; and the derivation of the three-voice 'Missa Quinti toni' on an unspecified model, now lost.


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